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julie michelle wedding cakes

wedding cakes lake genevaJulie Lopez's designer world is portrayed on specialty cakes, wedding cakes, and cupcakes. The young entrepreneur expressed her creativity as a child, from mastering the art of paper crafts to beadwork and more.

It was in her childhood when her sweet tooth was also honed. She learned to bake from her mother and grandmother.
Julie’s greatest influence is the creative range of Martha Stewart, who creates cohesive elegant aesthetics to perfection.

Julie spent a year at college, but realized her creativity and artistic side needed another outlet. She fancied the idea of becoming a fashion designer, but ultimately decided to attend culinary school in Chicago.

Julie acquired a job as a line cook in a top Chicago restaurant, but her childhood love of pastries led her to return to school. Julie received the L’art du Gâteux certificate from The French Pastry School in Chicago, where she learned to master the techniques needed to portray her inspirations from en vogue fashion and opulent architecture on her cake creations.

Julie worked with top bakeries and cake design studios in the city before deciding she wanted the creative freedom to express her designer vision, to execute her level of perfection, and to deliver the glamour of Julie Michelle Cakes.

Julie and her husband Jaime are the sole owner/employees, working side by side daily, since opening in 2013.

    Julie Michelle Cakes
    ​300 W. Front St.
    Harvard, IL. 60033
    (312) 800-3101

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    "We absolutely loved Julie Michelle Cakes. She did a wonderful job making our expectations reality. The cake was wonderful and our guest said it was the best wedding cake they have had! We would definitely recommend and will use her in the future!"