Lake Geneva Wedding Costs

If you are planning a Wedding in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin you are probably saving your hard earned money and trying to budget properly for your Big Wedding Day. Weddings Lake Geneva has gathered all the data you will need for making sure you know the costs of having a Lake Geneva Wedding.

The national average cost for a 2018 Wedding is $29,500. The average cost for a 2018 Lake Geneva Wedding is $27,950. These numbers are figured with a guest list of 150 people, which breaks down to approximately $185 per guest and includes the following: Wedding Venue Rental, Wedding Catering, Wedding Entertainment, Invitations and Table Cards, Floral Service, Food and Bar, Wedding Cake, Ceremony Officiant, Wedding Photography, and Ceremony/Church rental. Below is a breakdown of costs per category.

Lake Geneva Wedding Venues

Many Wedding Venues in Lake Geneva also provide the food and beverage service and you are required to use them for that service. You will find that is very common with the resorts and country clubs. When the food and beverage is included with the venue, the average cost is between $12,000-$15,000 for 150 guests. That figures out to be between $80-$100 per guest.

Other Wedding Venues in Lake Geneva, like the Riviera Ballroom or Horticulture Hall for example, simply provide the venue and you are responsible for the Table and Chair rentals, linens, and Catering. The average cost of just renting a Lake Geneva Wedding Venue is $2250, or approximately $15 per person. Those numbers are figured with a 150 guests.

Lake Geneva Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your Wedding Planning and can range quite a bit in price depending on who you hire. The average cost for a Lake Geneva Wedding DJ is between $1,200 and $1,800. If you are planning on having a band at your Lake Geneva Wedding, plan on spending anywhere from $2,000-$5,000. Many people have a hard time choosing between a live Wedding Band and a Wedding DJ. Our Sinatra Package offers the best of both worlds for $2,750 and is the most popular Lake Geneva Wedding Entertainment package.

Lake Geneva Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Lake Geneva can range quite a bit in price depending upon what you are looking for. You will want to plan on spending $2,500 minimum for a basic Wedding Photography package and up to $7,500 for a premium Wedding Photography Package.

Lake Geneva Wedding Videography

Much like photography, Wedding Videography can range quite a bit in price. If you are just looking for raw unedited footage of your ceremony and main dances at the reception, you can get that for as little as $1,500. If you are looking for multi-camera, fully edited should plan on spending between $2,500 and $5,000 on videography.

Lake Geneva Wedding Dresses

As you know, Wedding Dresses can range anywhere from $500-$5,000+ depending upon your budget. Most brides in Lake Geneva spend $1,500 on average. The average price for Bridesmaids dresses in Lake Geneva is $250.

Lake Geneva Wedding Planning

The national average cost for a Wedding Planner is $3,000 for full service and $1,500 for "the day of". Wedding Planners will make vendor recommendations for you to call and meet and will make sure everything goes according to schedule on the wedding day. Luckily, for you...Weddings Lake Geneva has eliminated the need to pay a full service Wedding Planning Service and has created complete Wedding Packages for virtually every budget. If you would still like to have a Wedding Planner for the day of your wedding, we can arrange that as well for an affordable price. Our goal is always to provide the absolute best wedding for the best price. We realize this is the most important day of your life and strive to make it as memorable as possible. Contact Us if you are interested in having a Wedding Planner for the day of your wedding.

Lake Geneva Wedding Tuxedos

The average cost of Tuxedo Rentals for weddings in the USA is $195. That is also the average price for Wedding Tuxedo Rentals in Lake Geneva. If you are looking for designer Tuxedo Rental prices can be as high as $400. Typically the groom will get his Wedding Tuxedo for free from many vendors.

Lake Geneva Wedding Flowers

The average cost of Wedding Flowers is about $2,000 for table arrangements, altar bouquets, boutonnière, corsage, bridesmaids bouquets and bridal bouquet. Obviously this will depend upon the size of your wedding party and the flowers you choose. Most Lake Geneva Wedding Florists offer a few different packages to choose from. All of our Wedding Florists are able to create custom wedding flower packages according to budget.

Lake Geneva Wedding Catering

Lake Geneva Wedding Catering costs can range anywhere from $30 up to $75 per guest depending upon whether you have a buffet style dinner or a plated style dinner. The plated style dinners are more expensive but ensure everybody eats at the same time. This can help with the flow of the evening if you are limited on time at your wedding venue. Our vendors have catering packages for virtually every budget. All of our Wedding Packages come with unlimited bar service and cake as well. Contact Us for custom quotes on catering and bar service.

Lake Geneva Wedding Cakes

The average price for a four tiered wedding cake for 150 guests is typically about $750, up to 250 guests $1,500. Most bakers charge $1.50 to $12 per slice, the more complicated the cake, the more you will pay. Visit our Lake Geneva Wedding Cake vendors for more information.

Lake Geneva Wedding Ceremony

The average cost of a wedding ceremony at a church in Lake Geneva is $500. The officiant is typically $250 and the music is typically $250. Some churches provide free officiants and music but require a location fee. Everybody has slightly different packages but typically $500-$750 is a good budget for your wedding ceremony.

Lake Geneva Wedding Transportation

Lake Geneva Limo rentals average out at about $450 for 3-4 hours. Buses and larger vehicles can be closer to $750 depending upon the size and distance you will be traveling. Our Lake Geneva Wedding Limo services can provide custom quotes. We also offer limo service with all of our Wedding Packages for a discount rate.